:: our BSB night n after ::

dah third day. im still humming. once or twice or thrice a day i still re-watch their videos. and sing-a-long. ini sejenis gilak!! one of the BESTEST concerts ive ever been to. LVDV was the happiest ever. Kevin asked us to be 15 again that night. but i think LVDV went straight to being 13. ahahahaha!

believe it or not, before concert we went karaoke strictly BSB playlist. kengkonon untuk preparation. refresh balik lyrics and what-not. nampak tak gigih kat situ. lagu yang pernah nyanyi pon hentam practise. tak sia-sia kejadian karoks unplanned itu. almost every song they sang....*smiles*

the boys, i mean the guys..are older. and better. they've been together for 22 years (sama lama ive known LVDV tau!) and still counting. if you've adored them before you will still adore them now. like any normal concerts in Malaysia, asap kepok start kuar atas stage je everyone will just start screaming for no reason. lepas tu...krikk krikk kejap. pastu when the boys..eh, the guys came up on stage......bergegar stadium. on top of their lungs i think. termasuk la aku...haha. masuk 3rd song suara dah hilang. *tepukdahi* 

masuk 5th song, LVDV dah hilang. no longer by my side. gua kene tinggal beb. demi BSB dia gigih sampai ke depan stage. masuk lagu ke 7, Cunie pon hilang. for a few songs, me and #bestlovefriend Sue were single-ladies. ini kejadian yang jarang-jarang berlaku. slalunya tempat reramai cenggini we are being guarded closely....but this time, pandai-pandai kau la nak hidup. nasib baik i didnt mind. i had a few schoolmates on my left side still screaming out Kevin's name. hahahaha.

so.....AJ became very macho. jambang and all. Brian still has that charming smile. Howie D somehow i didnt think he aged at all. slightly sado but still fun! Nick still has that naughty look. acts like one too. he was the only one who lied down on stage trying to take selfie shots with the fans. LOL! ..last but not least, Kevin. forever tall and handsome and handsome and handsome and tall. enuff said. 

a lot of wishes came true for a lot of people that night. LVDV especially. betol-betol dia cherish the moments with BSB. trust me when i said 13 again guys...ahaha. and also for my bestie, Rai. her prayers were answered. nothing to do with BSB tho.

ive posted my BSB's videos in my keek. i know. i still keek. so what? go watch. okbai.

:: #travelloveZ to Lipe with #gengpixies ::

jap. remember i mentioned i backpacked before in #travelloveZ to Koh Lipe last time? this time, backpacked again. only one big bag. i just had my slingbag on. BUT, ku berjaya pujuk LVDV beli another bagpack while we were backpacking! bhahahahahahahahaha. okay fine, i je yg paham benda kelakar nie. let's move on.

so, we were back in Lipe again for the second time! woohoo! kali nie tidak berdua, malah berlapan. haruslah angkut satu geng kan? it was fun i tell u. i learned a lot of new things about Lipe and friendship. like seriously.

everything was kinda well planned. kiranya, sempat menabung sama-sama for this trip. since our first tu trip tak sengaja yet we survived, so the second trip was smoother. agak teratur la jugak for us. from flight to langkawi to snorkeling adventure to melapok main Jenga over banana splits. 

my biggest achievement, i overuled my fear of dogs! hehehe. bangga i. tidak lagi ku berlari sebatu bila nampak mereka sekilometer away. hahaha. senang hidup LVDV berjalan this time. at least i was walking straight. tak bersimpang-siur sangat like last time. tapikan...this thing is probably only valid for dogs in Koh Lipe sahaja. i still have problems with hanjing-hanjing in KL. 

hari snorkeling was the most fun day among all i think. we took a new route which was a different one from last time. snorkelingnya tak sangat pon sebab little did we know, mak obor2 decided to branak and unleash like ribu2 baby jellyfish in the sea. skali dua kene sting was okay...tapi masuk kali ketujuh macam menampar nyamuk dalam kelambu rupanya. hadoiii.....sakit! masuk pulau ke empat...we were all looking dalam air dulu before terjun. hahaha. there was tis time we tertipu. ingatkan the coast was clear...confident masuk air. aku sah2 la siap pelampung kan....skali bila ke tengah sikit...everyone went ouch! ouch! ouch! amik kau macam marathon race naik atas boat balik. hahaha. 

bila bab makan...somehow for breakfast ayam goreng Roti Mina was what we were looking forward to the most and owh, their ice tea!!! this is a new discovery for me. last time bedal mineral water jer...kali ni icea tea, ice tea, ice tea. and i dont drink teh ais u know! woahhhh! i would seriously, seriously return ke Lipe for Roti Mina punya ice tea. *terliuq* 

last day, massage time yang stakat nie berjaya buat my whole body meletops! who knew i could still stretch like once upon a time zaman cheerleading. bhahaha. salute dekat tukang massage, she basically lipat-lipat aku macam kain batik. giler lahhhh....first time. it felt good right after tho. nyenyak tido malam tu. 

my best moment on this trip was watching sunrise with LVDV. breathtaking. it's almost like a must for us to go watch sunrises n sunsets during vacay. my best moment with #gengpixies ... our inside jokes! hahahaha... no more geng pixies guys, it's #ceriah now. thank u Tya! *winks*

:: luv.linkies ::