:: yellow flicker beat ::

im done with it (ohh)
this is the start of how it ever ends
they used to shout my name, now they whisper it
im speeding up and this is the
red, orange yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart
thanks for pissing me off today.
it made me think.
it self-motivated me to be the better person.

after all, 
karma's a bitch,


:: no monday blues ::

this is not an often thing for us. and by us i mean me and #bestlovefriend Sue. semalam kitaorang outing. and by outing i mean jenjalan with a mission. mencari barang spa.

so as planned, to Sg Wang we go. the last time i was in Sg Wang was more than 6 months ago according to my Swarm App but i think i was there recently with LVDV and Gegurl cari barang jugak. tak ingat bila. dah park dah cari kedai dah beli barang...we were famished. so we decided on sushi and the nearest was Sushi Zanmai in Low Yatt.

daripada atas turun paling bawah. belok kiri tak jumpa. berhenti jap tanya budak kat Aunty Anne's tu and she showed us the way. 'sampai hujung turun bawah dik' ...amboih!?! ko panggik aku adik?!?! woah!! so we did, sampai hujung turun bawah. tak jumpa. turun bawah lagi. takde. naik balik ke kiri plak. jumpa toilet. okay fine..naik atas lagi. terus tanya information counter. can u imagine kitaorang dua ekor sesat nak cari jalan blakang keluar from Sg Wang to Low Yatt?!?! wtf!?!

finally jumpa, i concluded, bukit bintang is not our turf anymore. brapa kali setahun plak aku jejak kaki kat Sg Wang nie haaa..but Sue said 'kita dah tua babe' ...pffts. hello babe, bdk Aunty Anne's tu just called us 'dik' kot. *rolling-eyes* secretly i half-heartedly agreed. kalo takde sebab nak cari barang memang takde sebab nak datang sini pon.

then we had lunch. i drank green tea yg GREEN for the first time. it was yummy rupanya! Gegurl would be proud if she knew. takde lah aku kene bahan dah asyik order watermelon juice bila dine-in japanese. the closest to green tea i had was all those ones yang mix with flavors. u know..those kat Petronas ones. hehe.

then Sue wanted to cari another barang. Low Yatt was the best place. agaknya. so naik atas. atas lagi. atas lagi. atas lagi. tak jumpa. turun balik. then kat hujung of one the escalators we saw what we hunted for. beli. but we needed speakers pulak. naik atas balik. and atas lagi. who know there's like a million USB speakers in Low Yatt? huarghhh...pretty sure we looked like lost bimbos dalam kedai gadgets sampai someone came and attend us. tak tahu lah apa nama abang tu tapi dia baik. showed us around the kedai and recommended the speaker yang sesuai. guess what? he doesnt even work there. dia pon shopper. bhahahaha.

then it was dessert time! since it was noon, ice-cream sounds nice. Sue wanted a hipster place. ada ke ice-cream parlour yang hipster in KL? anyway, we opted for mengopi at VCR je. loved the place, loved the cakes. didnt love the parking though. kisahnya mencari parking berpusing 3 ke 4 kali tawaf tak jumpa jugak. naik bukit uturn turun bukit dengan harapan ada la manusia yang keluar parking tapi takde. sudahnya, we parked atas tepi jalan. kengkonon bole nampak la kot2 DBKL lalu. elok je turun kete, tow truck DBKL lalu tengok kitaorang. but they didnt stop so Sue assumed they've made their rounds. we had our cakes outside at the porch...sambil2 leher panjang macam zirafah kejap2 tengok kete.

borak punya borak. gossip punya gossip. discuss punya discuss. terlupa about the car. when we were almost done...like seriously almost...tetiba ada bunyi siren! melompat #bestlovefriend aku!!..terus capai bag and ran towards the car!! zasss...tow truck DBKL lalu. but it was still empty. i panicked too. tak abis kunyah cake telan je terus. didnt even finished my water and ran ikot blakang Sue. only half way then i realised everything was okay...yang kelam kabut kelibut was only us two! LOL!!

terus balik umah kauuu! 

next time, we cari another hipster place yang senang parking laa okay babe?

:: luv.linkies ::